A = Arms, B = Back, C = Chest, Co = Core, H = Cardiovascular Health, L = Legs

Exercise for the Mind: Goal Setting for 2017
Anywhere-You-Go Yoga: 4-7-8 Breathing
Bed Yoga: Mindful Body Scan
The Importance of Rest!

Desk Stretches Series:
Desk Down Dog, B
Neck and Shoulder Release, B
Posture, Posture, Posture, Co
Trunk-y Monkey, Co

Exercise Programming 101:
Build Your Base, H
Improve Your Balance, Co, L
Eccentric Contractions, A, B, C, Co, L
Building Your Workout, A, B, C, Co, H, L

Spring Training Series:
Loading the Legs, L
Jump Rope for Joy (and Sweat), H, L
Reset and Refresh, B, Co, L
Core Exercises Without Crunches, Co

Sculpting Series:
The Perfect Lunge, L
Push-Up Time!, A, B, C, Co, L
Strong Shoulders, A, Co
Thanksgiving Style!, A, B, C, Co, L
Work that Booty, B, Co, L
Bringing Sexy Back, A, B, C, Co, L
Planks for Shoulders…on Knees or Toes, Knees or Toes, A, B, Co

Partner Exercises Series:
Get Strong
Stretch It Out, C, L
Core-Gasm, A, Co, L
Cardio (Not that Kind…), A, B, C, Co, H, L

Aerobics Using Stairs, Yeah!, A, B, C, Co, H, L
More Aerobics Using Stairs!, A, B, C, Co, H, L

Ab Fun Times Series:
Toe Touch – Leg Lowers, Co
Heel Reach – Toe Tap, Co

Switching Things Up:
Work Hard, Play Smart: Staying Healthy on Vacation
Training on the Trails: Take Your Workout Outside
Strength Training in Everyday Movements, Co, L
Change Your Grip: A Simple Way to Keep Exercise Interesting, A
Be Brave: Try a Group Exercise Class!
Two HIIT Moves: High and Low Impact Modifications, Co, H, L
Foam Rolling 101: Why It Hurts So Good, B, L

The Most Addictive Exercise, A, B, C, Co, H, L
Total Body Lift: Get In-And-Out in 45 Minutes, A, B, C, Co, H, L