HIIT 102: Benefits of HIIT

From October 5, 2017 Newsletter

(Brush up on HIIT 101 here.)

We know exercise is good for us but why does Lauren keep talking about HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise? Here are 4 benefits of doing HIIT exercise:

1. Improved Aerobic Fitness: Vigorous exercise is known to increase your body’s capacity to do aerobic exercise (cardio). HIIT forces you to push yourself to a vigorous intensity thereby improving your aerobic fitness. Even sweeter? It’s better at doing that than moderate-intensity exercise, like walking on an incline, in half the time! Goodbye, Steady-State Cardio Queen!

2. Improved Metabolic Fitness: Studies have shown that just 2 weeks of HIIT exercise improves insulin sensitivity better than moderate intensity exercise. If you’re worried about your blood sugar, HIIT is for you!

3. More Enjoyment: If you’re familiar with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you know you can do anything for 10 seconds! While very intense, your exercise bouts are not long. You know you’ll get to stop and rest soon. Study participants report greater enjoyment doing HIIT exercise than continuous moderate intensity exercise, such as cycling at one incline and speed.

4. More Likely to Keep Doing It: The more you enjoy something, the more likely you’re going to do it.

Convinced? Great! Visit www.lgfit.co to get your very own 3-week HIIT Challenge.


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