Strength Training in Everyday Movements

I know going to the gym or popping in a workout video is not for everyone. Some of you would rather ride your bike outside, sweat in your garden, or take a walk. My brother-in-law prides himself on the strong body he has without working out at the gym (thanks to his work as a dry land diving coach..with a little extra help from genetics.). His secret? Performing everyday activities with good form and with frequency. Keep these tips in mind to keep you strong and prevent you from injury.


Use your Core Strength and Move from your Legs
– If you’re lifting something from the floor, keep your abs braced. Don’t hunch your back. Put tension between your shoulder blades, flatten your lower back, and drop your hips down so you can get under the object. From there, recruit your glutes! Drive up from your legs.
– If you’re lifting something over your head, keep you abs braced. As with an overhead press, you shouldn’t push your hips forward and lean back. Use your core as a strong base from which your arms can move.
– If you’re shoveling, use your legs to turn and dump your load instead of twisting from your spine. Keep your abs braced to keep a strong line from your hips to your shoulders.

TLDR: Keep your abs braced!

Make life easier when you do functional training! Contact me for a customized exercise program.

Feel healthy. Feel awesome!


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