Work Hard, Play Smart: Staying Healthy on Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. For some of you lucky ducks, you’re already counting down the days until vacation. Whether you’re driving across the state or flying across the country, here are some tips to keep in mind before you go. But first, check out this newsletter from last August with our Beach Week Menu for inspiration. 

– If you’ll be in the car for awhile, pack healthy, homemade snacks. We go for protein shakes, frozen smoothies you can drink as they melt, tacos (wrap in a paper towel to absorb moisture and go easy on the salsa), homemade very berry muffins (above), coconut date rolls, trail mix, and fruits. Bring plenty of water too. We usually pack a Camelbak.
– If you have to stop at a gas station for food, go for oatmeal, fresh fruit, or nuts. Most of your other choices are laden with preservatives or are high in sugar. 
– If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, sit down with your travel buddies and come up with your menu. What sauces, dips, or marinades can you make ahead of time and bring with you? Are you able to get fresh ingredients where you’re staying?
– How often do you plan on eating out? Research dining options before you go so you can try the local cuisine. 

– How packed is your vacation agenda? Do you have time to squeeze in a 20-25min HIIT workout? Might I recommend this one from LGFIIT. How about a walk around the town you’re visiting?
– What equipment, if any, can you bring? Will your sneakers and/or a resistance band fit in your suitcase? 
– Does your gym partner with others to allow you free or discounted access to other facilities away from home?

However, don’t forget about my advice from the other week. This is your vacation. This is your time to rest and recharge your mental, spiritual, and physical batteries. Give yourself permission to enjoy your well earned vacation. Enjoy, but try not to unnecessarily indulge. Remember: it’s easier to fall than it is to get up. 

Going on a trip and need help staying on track? Schedule an Action Plan and we’ll make a game plan for your vacation.

Have questions about any of these exercises or how to program them into a work out? Email me!

Feel healthy. Feel awesome!


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