Training on the Trails: Take Your Workout Outside

Once upon a time, I was a grad student at the George Washington University. For my final project, I designed, implemented, and evaluated a program with Great Falls National Park called Training on the Trails. The idea was to encourage people to use our National Parks for fitness as well as recreation.

I kept a blog documenting our workouts. You’ll find strength exercises you can do outside (or anywhere) and entries detailing specific workouts, runs, walks, or hikes you can do at Great Falls.

Whether you try these exercises at Great Falls or not, I encourage you to visit your local, state, or national park! They need our support! While you’re there, pay attention to your surroundings. Maybe there’s a nice flat boulder you can use as a plyometric box. Maybe there’s a bench you can use for push ups or dips. Maybe there’s a steep hill you can sprint or walk up for interval training. Be that person. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll inspire someone else.

Important Note: Know the rules! Some parks have strict rules for your safety or preservation of natural features in the park. If you’re not sure if you’re permitted to do something, ask a Ranger first!

Have questions about any of these exercises or how to program them into a work out? Email me!

Want more? Book with me for your own personalized exercise training and health coaching program.

Feel healthy. Feel awesome!


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