Total Body Lift: Get In-And-Out in 45 Minutes

For the first time in awhile, I got to weight lift by myself. Since I teach several classes throughout the week, I get all my exercise then. The other day I got to switch up my routine and it felt awesome. Knowing I only had one session to work all my major muscle groups, here’s what I did:

Warm Up: Down dog to plank, staggered push ups, and bridges

The Lift:
Leg Circuit: Deadlift, Bulgarian Lunges, Goblet Squat
Back and Chest Superset*: Lat Pulldowns and Incline Chest Press
Arms Superset: Cable Bicep Curls and Cable Tricep Pressdown (Reverse Grip)
Shoulders and Core Superset: Single-arm High Pull and Overhead Press

As for reps and sets, I went more for muscular endurance since pregnancy lends itself to that kind of training. That means lower weight and more reps but still reaching fatigue by the end of the set.

*Superset – switching back and forth between two exercises with minimal rest in between

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Feel healthy. Feel awesome!


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